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Interview with Design 360°

‘An interview with PolyU Design (Keith Tam)’, in Design 360°, issue 51 (the type issue), June 2014, pp.26–33 (Chinese version) Design 360°: School of Design has just moved into the Jockey Club Innovation Tower, the latest landmark of Hong Kong. Congratulations. The building … more >

Guiding principles for typography 文字設計的指導原則

Extracted from an interview with Keith Tam, Design 360°, issue 51, June 2014 What’s your guiding principle for typography? I believe that typography is situated at the intersection of language, culture, technology and aesthetics. First and foremost, typography rests on … more >

Good science perhaps, but bad typography

This has been circulating around in social media today, and I find it necessary to put things into perspective.

Screenplay typography project: 10 years on

This year marks my tenth year of teaching design at university. Typography is my main area of expertise; it is primarily where my passion lies as a design practitioner and academic, a subject that is very close to my heart. I am particularly into detail typography and typographic structures and systems. My approach is very workmanlike and pragmatic, and concerns mostly with finding the most fitting form for textual content. Style is seen as something that naturally emerges from this process rather than a purely artistic pursuit. more >

A few thoughts on text and typography

一些關於文字與文字設計的零碎思考 節錄自本人2009年選修科「文字設計:法則與破格之爭」的講義