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The Leaning Tower of Pisa by Alkarex Malin äger via Wikimedia Commons 對一般文字處理軟件的用戶來說,要把字體「弄斜」,輕輕點擊一下「I」字圖示便成了。斜體(或稱「意大利體」,兩者其實有所不同)背後的歷史、意義和設計風格卻很不簡單。

Design 360° 訪談

轉載自〈對話:香港理工大學設計學院(譚智恒)〉《Design 360°》2014年6月第51期「字語」,頁26–33(英文版本在此) Design 360°:香港理工大學設計學院喬遷至新落成的馬會創新大樓,可喜可賀。整座建築的外觀氣勢非凡,我很想知道建築內部的導視系統是怎樣的。既然說到了您的專長,想聽聽您內行的角度。 譚智恒:謝謝!入駐扎哈·哈迪德設計的標誌性建築的確讓人精神振奮。相信新大樓也會為學院注入新想法,打造新風貌。相比之前的學院樓,現在所有學科的師生都能安居在同一個屋簷下,無疑是件幸事。 說到新大樓的導視系統,由我們信息設計研究室承接,目前仍在進行中。我們的團隊已經開展了原型設計和多項測試,確保系統達到我們的預期。我們預想了使用者的尋路路線,針對關鍵點設置相關信息,以防迷路。我們設計了一套清晰易懂的思維模型,便於使用者一目了然大樓內不同機構和活動。這個項目的關鍵詞是「系統」,因為我們設計的不是單個的設計品,而是一整套連貫統一的導視規則,儘可能地將其簡明化。既然大樓本身已經是一個標誌性存在了,我們決定收斂導視的鋒芒。我們不希望出來的效果太過張揚,這容易和整體的建築語言相衝撞。新大樓標新立異,沒有哪兩層是一模一樣的,它迴避了建築樣式上的節奏重複,變得不可預知。對此我們的思考是導視標識應避免給人突兀或喧賓奪主的感覺,而應一目了然。

Interview with Design 360°

‘An interview with PolyU Design (Keith Tam)’, in Design 360°, issue 51 (the type issue), June 2014, pp.26–33 (Chinese version) Design 360°: School of Design has just moved into the Jockey Club Innovation Tower, the latest landmark of Hong Kong. Congratulations. The building … more >

Guiding principles for typography 文字設計的指導原則

Extracted from an interview with Keith Tam, Design 360°, issue 51, June 2014 What’s your guiding principle for typography? I believe that typography is situated at the intersection of language, culture, technology and aesthetics. First and foremost, typography rests on … more >

Good science perhaps, but bad typography

This has been circulating around in social media today, and I find it necessary to put things into perspective.


蘋果電腦今天發佈了全新的iOS7操作系統。不出所料,界面設計秉承自Windows Metro後流行的極度扁平化風格。界面的操控,再不倚賴模仿實物機械操作的「擬物化」(skeuomorphic)視覺語言,進而發展至幾乎全無立體感的扁平化設計。這次升級,仿皮革紋理的行事曆不見了,稍微凸起的按鈕消失了,以至半透明的對話框都沒有了。當然,我要討論的,不是風格或潮流,而是這扁平化界面設計的互動體驗和信息設計的關係。

Your attention, please (book review)

Your attention, please: how to appeal to today’s distracted, disinterested, disengaged, disenchanted and busy consumer by Paul B Brown and Alison Davis Written by a journalist and a communication consultant, Your attention, please is a small manual intended to help … more >

God (or devil) in the details: text typography

Here are some slides from a lecture I give to my typography students on text typography. It demonstrates the dos and don’ts of detail typography in terms of orthography and typographic style, as well as alignment and hyphenation and justification issues. more >

Screenplay typography project: 10 years on

This year marks my tenth year of teaching design at university. Typography is my main area of expertise; it is primarily where my passion lies as a design practitioner and academic, a subject that is very close to my heart. I am particularly into detail typography and typographic structures and systems. My approach is very workmanlike and pragmatic, and concerns mostly with finding the most fitting form for textual content. Style is seen as something that naturally emerges from this process rather than a purely artistic pursuit. more >

A few thoughts on text and typography

一些關於文字與文字設計的零碎思考 節錄自本人2009年選修科「文字設計:法則與破格之爭」的講義

No spitting

If you grew up Hong Kong in the 60s, 70s or even 80s you would have seen this sign posted around the city, especially in restaurants and cafés. You still see these signs occasionally, but they are becoming rarer now. I found this in a bakery café in Shaukeiwan. more >