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The Leaning Tower of Pisa by Alkarex Malin äger via Wikimedia Commons 對一般文字處理軟件的用戶來說,要把字體「弄斜」,輕輕點擊一下「I」字圖示便成了。斜體(或稱「意大利體」,兩者其實有所不同)背後的歷史、意義和設計風格卻很不簡單。

Interview with Design 360°

‘An interview with PolyU Design (Keith Tam)’, in Design 360°, issue 51 (the type issue), June 2014, pp.26–33 (Chinese version) Design 360°: School of Design has just moved into the Jockey Club Innovation Tower, the latest landmark of Hong Kong. Congratulations. The building … more >

Good science perhaps, but bad typography

This has been circulating around in social media today, and I find it necessary to put things into perspective.