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上茶樓一盅兩件是不少香港人週末的家庭活動。從前,大部份茶樓都以點心車把點心送到客人的餐桌旁供選擇,現在大多先以點心紙落單,稍候一會才把即點即蒸的點心奉上。 點心紙有幾個功能:讓客人知到有那些菜式供選擇;讓侍應生把客人所選的點心落單;讓廚師把客人選擇的點心做好;客人用膳後讓出納員埋單計數。同一張表格需要為最少四種不同的用戶設計,殊不簡單。點心紙其實是表格的一種,和申請表和報稅表等有相似之處,都是用以擷取資訊的溝通工具。良好的表格設計,提供的選擇要清晰,填寫的位置要突出,不要給填寫者有難以填寫或模稜兩可的感覺,避免出現誤填的情況。誤填令擷取資訊者無法取得所需資訊,導致耽誤時間或表格作廢等資源上的損失,也令客戶生厭。

A look at dim sum order forms

If you’ve ever had dim sum before, you might know that it is at the heart of Cantonese cuisine. Small baskets of food are served at breakfast or lunchtime, all washed down with tea. The most traditional restaurants have push carts that come … more >

Token machine at the Star Ferry

This is a token machine at the Star Ferry pier. I must commend the ferry company’s good intentions behind the bilingual instructions: they really tried to make it as clear and unambiguous as possible. However, the machine was designed and built without much thinking about how users would interact with it. The instructional graphics couldn’t do much to save the poor interaction design of the machine itself. more >