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To my graduating class

After graduation, it might be likely that you lead a terribly mundane life in order to put bread on the table. No matter what happens, do not forget your passion, and always keep your curiosity and enthusiasm going for the … more >

The state of graphic design?

This type of data graphics have been gaining popularity on the web in the past few years. For better or worse (most likely worse in my opinion), they have popularised the idea of information design amongst graphic designers. This graphic came through my Facebook news feed this morning, and to me the approach to the design itself and the rather empty and superficial content reflects the sorry state of graphic design these days. more >

Screenplay typography project: 10 years on

This year marks my tenth year of teaching design at university. Typography is my main area of expertise; it is primarily where my passion lies as a design practitioner and academic, a subject that is very close to my heart. I am particularly into detail typography and typographic structures and systems. My approach is very workmanlike and pragmatic, and concerns mostly with finding the most fitting form for textual content. Style is seen as something that naturally emerges from this process rather than a purely artistic pursuit. more >