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MTR temporary signage

At Tai Koo station, exit C is currently closed for escalator maintenance until August. How does the railway company deal with this temporary closure? Apparently they do not have a system for handling temporary messages. Last week, it looked like this:

Your attention, please (book review)

Your attention, please: how to appeal to today’s distracted, disinterested, disengaged, disenchanted and busy consumer by Paul B Brown and Alison Davis Written by a journalist and a communication consultant, Your attention, please is a small manual intended to help … more >


對一般普羅大眾而言,平面設計師所做的,不外乎標誌、海報、宣傳小冊子之類的市場推廣工具。平面設計這行業似乎沒有廣告設計般廣泛為人熟悉,或者覺得兩者根本沒有分別。平面設計師的工作,對很多人來說或許不甚了了,可有可無。除非你是名聲遐邇的設計師,以獨一無二的設計風格、潮流觸角、或者無數的獎項招徠,否則很難贏得客戶的信心。薄有名氣的平面設計師,似乎都有著攝人的氣魄,衣著入時,才氣橫溢,懷有所謂的藝術家脾氣。平面設計師所處理的,一般都是風格上的問題:怎樣提升品牌的格調、品味。設計就是棄掉老套呆板、枯燥乏味的東西,令其價值有所提昇。 說穿了,一般平面設計師所負責的,就是形象工程。

To my graduating class

After graduation, it might be likely that you lead a terribly mundane life in order to put bread on the table. No matter what happens, do not forget your passion, and always keep your curiosity and enthusiasm going for the … more >

A set of principles for graphic design? (Paul Stiff remembered)

A little saddle-stitched catalogue came with my order from Hyphen Press last week. In it there is an email exchange between Robin Kinross and the late Paul Stiff, an interesting discussion that draws parallels between the ‘Dogme 95’ manifesto (a … more >